Friday, September 28, 2007

Healing Places

I walked a lot today so I am worn out. I'm really trying to build up my muscle strength again. I want to be able to make it up my front steps easily. I feel like a moron every time I have to haul myself up them when I feel like all my neighbors are watching.

Maybe I'm just a paranoid narcissist? Or maybe I'm just frustrated?

Anyway, I took photos of what I call my healing place. I actually have several of them and go there once or twice a day. There is also a spot which my friend calls her "Wisdom Tree" which she visits every day. I find the concept fascinating.

My best place to be is on the beach with my feet in the sand. Now that it is getting cold I wonder how long I can keep it up? I was indoors all last summer and missed it completely. It's hard to never feel the sunshine or the breeze on you, the smell of the beach, the grass, anything and everything (other than medical supplies). I love it.

This is a nook where I sit on the rocks. I never see anyone here, except the otter.

I walk by this field every day on the way to feel the sand in my toes.

I walk down this beach every day but a friend of mine does it to visit her Wisdom Tree.

She lays her hands on the trunk and thinks about...? I think she feels it age and how Emily Carr probably sat beneath it, painting her oils on paper? Oh, sorry, that's what I would think she was wondering about.

When I am walking I think about being able to swim again, to be able to run, play soccer with my kids.... to be able to get up those damn steps without making an idiot of myself.


femputer said...

Those are really beautiful places and it's such a good idea to get out and enjoy the full sensory experience. I love the way you describe the beach!

Anonymous said...

Ylva directed me to your blog - I love your writing. And your pictures. And I'm a fellow beach addict. The one I go to is in Oak Bay, south of the marina by about half a mile. I never see anyone there.