Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Designing Maniac

Hello. My name is BaldyLocks and I am a workaholic.

Unfortunately I'm not able to do anything physical right now so I'm going a little batty. I am usually designing and painting on canvas as well as a multitude of other things. I "used to" (please see "sunk" post) be busy from 6am to 10pm everyday. Not anymore. Due to all this very important resting and healing stuff, I bought a MacBook.

So, right now my life is slow, I'm frustrated/tired/mad as hell on occasion but in pretty good spirits most of the time. In a beyond angry, lonely fit one day I bought "pissedoffatcancer.com". I typed it in to godaddy.com and it was available! Next thing I know the credit card was out! Then I wrote an angry rant to myself about how I can't afford anything because I am unemployed and have no money! Crap!

Yes, the internet has opened up a new world for me.

I've taken this idea and run with it because I think there is so much missing out there for young cancer "survivors" (I need a new word because I don't like that one). A sense of humour for a start. I've learned that you can still laugh, even when life sucks. We also have a right to be angry. Being pissed off doesn't mean you have a "bad attitude" (God forbid!). It's called life.

So now I am spending time with my blog and all the fine people who have found me, as well as designing like a mad woman. I'm making a series of subversive cancer magnets. Yeah. They'll be all the rage!

I'm going to use the money to help build my website, which will include ways people can express themselves after a cancer diagnosis. It will also have some handy dandy tips for people who would like to know how to help cancer stricken people "FOR REAL" (please refer to "WTF?").

If you go to the site right now you will only find my empty Etsy.com shop. But look out! I'm on an angry roll! (Somehow it feels SO good.)


mizu designs said...

What an amazing story! I'm so glad you're trying to stay positive and find ways to be creative even if you're not well.

Kelly Kane said...

I can't wait!!! Nothing like keeping busy to keep the anger at bay. Personally, I always like the word cancer fighter instead of survivor, but that's me. I'm going to wait until the site gets more done and then, of course, I'll be checking it daily! Duh, afterall, we did start the November is Leukemia and Lymphoma month, and our official drink is the red cancertini!!

You know you can always design stuff and then make it for sale on cafepress.com, just an option if you're getting all anti cancer decked out :)

Thanks for the nice comments!!

JennyBunnyEtsy said...

Wow! I love your bald head.... I'll check back often.

Prayers for you! (Even if you don't want them...lol)

Anonymous said...

So good to keep busy. I love your ideas. I, too, have an empty Etsy shop I'm striving to make product for - I look forward to seeing yours crammed with your wonderful designs.