Friday, October 12, 2007

Starbucks Strikes!

Starbucks is Stealing My Money!

How do they do it? I don’t even drink coffee but they manage to get their hands in my pocket at least once a week. It’s about $5 each time.

When they plunked their new shop in my neighborhood between me and the beach I thought, “HA! You’ll never get me!” Now I seem to be eating my words. They laugh their sinister laugh each time I waddle past them and am unable to resist their sucking force field.

Starbucks Hellfire.

Today they took almost $20! After I bought my mocha, I was compelled to buy this giant mug to drink tea in my studio.

Isn't it cute?

Oh, if only there were somewhere else to spend my nonexistant money! Oh, help. If anyone has the antidote let me know…


Bohemian Chic said...

I love the mug and can see it nestled in your hands as you labor over your latest artist endeavor. I too have a Starbucks love hate favorite pink mug lived in their store until it invited itself home with me...what can I say, It had me at Hello!

Nora said...

They aren't so hateful. Both my kids have jobs there. They pay pretty well (with tips) and are flexible enough to work with high school and college hours. I like to think there are cool designers thinking up all those mug designs somewhere in Seattle!

Samantha said...

Not to be obvious, but you can buy awesome-er mugs at Etsy... I have a wonderful round one that fills my hand and has tea leaves painted on it that I got from a tea plantation gift store!

It's true though -- Starbucks has a force field.

Kelly Kane said...

Dearest BFF,

I'm BAAAACK!!! My mom mailed me my charger and now I'm back in business! So don't fret, because I'm around!!! I'm still playing catch up, and hoping to do something fun tonight (aka get drunk and make a fool out of myself... but my friends suck at planning) so I probably won't post anything for another day or so.

As for Starbucks, I'm not a fan. I drink coffee maybe 5 times a year, so I tend to avoid Starbucks if possible - plus their snackies suck and are TERRIBLE for you. I mean if I'm going to eat something terrible for me, it better be at least good! So maybe you should buy some fabulous sun glasses to help hid the 'bucks from you!!

I miss you and hope all is well!!


Your bestest cancer fighting pal,

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I suggest that you don't try the seasonal gingerbread latte if you don't want them to get any of your money. I wait for it every year it is so good. I'm not sure what I am going to do this year because I am breast feeding and espresso makes blee craaaazy. And I don't do decaf espresso. I'll have to figure out a way.

But at least I am currently saving both money and calories. Those lattes have an insane amount of fat and calories in them.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I almost bought that mug yesterday!