Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Not to Wear

I thought I would give out a little tip on getting hospital scans done, since this seems to be the theme of the week.

#1 Don't -Don't wear your cute little undies or thongs when going for your tests. It may feel good when you know you've got the cute stuff under where no one can see them. It's a whole other scenario once you have to put on the hospital gown and the disposable booties.

The back doors on those gowns are pretty hard to keep closed.

Not sexy.

In my rush to head out the door yesterday I nearly put on the leopard print, boy underwear. Glad I caught that one in time. The thongs were thankfully retired a while back.

So be forewarned. Unless that's your "thing", of course. Then knock yourself out.


Bohemian Chic said...

love the leopard cute..sadly the only thongs I wear now adays are on my feet..

MadeByAmanda said...

Yeah, I don't understand why they can't add just one or two little snaps to those gowns, for the dignity of the patients. I've had a very bad experience with those things.

Kelly Kane said...

I got to wear pants for my scans... the trick, you just need to wear nothign with metal - so a sports bra and sweatpants with no little metal gramet thingys... then you can wear all the slutty underoos you want to... not that I was a big underwear fanatic pre-chemo, but once in a while was fun, but now, none of them fit me, and I refuse to shop at the fat girl store... so granny panties it is!!! XO

BaldyLocks said...

I forgot to add the part about no metal studded underwear! Aaaargh!

Anonymous said...

Last time I was in the hospital I was so zonked that I wandered around bare-assed, trying to find a nurse to give me water. I love the leopard-print - those would have been a hoot.

Skully said...

Let it all hang out I say. It might give someone else that's having a crap day a thrill... or a good giggle!

My Last hospital gown experience involved a cute male nurse and me slipping on my arse and showing the world EVERYTHING I'd got. The worst part about it all was I was giggling so much because of the drugs I'd been given that I couldn't get up without a lot of help and re-adjustment from the cute nurse.

Ah well, it gave a few other people a giggle to.