Thursday, November 29, 2007


I think I've caught a bad case of stage fright.

I've had a website in the works for a while, which is meant to help fill the void of information for young adults with cancer. We simply do not have the support we need and I want to help change that. I find writing on subjects such as our changing body image or parenting through cancer flows quite easily for me....until now.

Now that I have the template ready for me to put the articles into, I seem to have clammed up. My Photoshop also froze and my writing works best when I am amalgamating it with a picture. My plan was to write a small article everyday. I'm not looking for sheer brilliance, just something which will help inspire and help people to not feel so alone.

I'm not sure why I can't catch the flow again and knock out a few. It's what I love doing. I just can't get my groove on.

I just can't keep staring at that beckoning template forever. Maybe I should listen to some loud ANGRY music and go for a walk?

Loud and angry sounds good.


BaldyLocks said...

Hmmmm. It's the end of the day and I still haven't gone for that walk, or listened to music.

Maybe tomorrow.

Cathy said...

lol i am procrastinating as i write...aaaahhhh...frustration!

Skully said...

Join the club. I have a site all ready for my skulduggery dug pages, but can I write anything or draw anything to go on them..... can I f*@k. I feel like putting a large pan over my head and hitting it with a wooden spoon until my brain wakes up.

Kelly Kane said...

No worries BFF... do it when you're comfortable with it and yourself. I'm happy to provide some contributed articles so the pressure isn't totally on you :)