Friday, November 23, 2007

The True Meaning of Cursing

Today is special. I discovered the true meaning of cursing. Oh sure, I've tried it out a little here and there online but I was missing the true depth of what it means to say, "Fuck'n, Fuck'n, Fuck, Fuck!".

Earlier the sun was shining, it was a beautiful out and I spent hours making faux Baldylocks ads on my laptop. I had about 6 photos which I had manipulated and played with until they were just right, and I'm insanely picky. Some of the results I had from knowing what I was doing and some were happy accidents. That and a lot of work. I was just feeling this glorious halo of satisfaction when WHAM! My computer shut off for no reason! OH MY FREEK'N.....!!!!

If I could illustrate with a photo I would but unfortunately it was, way messy.

When I was in University I had heard urban legends of long essays being deleted because they hadn't been saving all the way through. It had never happened to me. I thought it was what you said when you were lazy and missed a deadline? Apparently it can happen to anyone.

Oh Mac. Why did you betray me? This is our first real spat, it's been true love without a hitch since last January. I guess the honeymoon period has now worn off. I would have thrown your sorry ass out the window if it had been any closer.

That's when I learned the true meaning of "(add various and repeating, horrific foul language here)".

I'm drowning my sorrows right now in pickles and martinis. Ok, just pickles.

Here's one I redid.

Oh, and check out how many thumbs up I received today from my fellow bloggers and Etsians for my definition of Baldylocks on Urban Dictionary. One person gave me a thumbs down. BOO!

Kelly from Chemopolooza was my first one! (besides me). Now that I'm famous and published I guess it all evens out in the end?

1 comment:

Kelly Kane said...

Of course I was the first one, afterall, we're BFfs! Duh! :)

Personally, I love to swear, it kinda throws people off guard a little, especially when I'm all nice and cheery and say Fuck You to someone :) Bring on the swears!!

I'm sorry your computer was being so douchey though, I guess you're going to be super obsessive about saving stuff now, I'm naturally crazy, so it works well for me :)

Hope you're well!!