Friday, February 8, 2008


Quick post today. I'm preparing for a show of my work in May. Despite my anxieties about accomplishing things these days, I now have one painting done!

It was all kicked off by an online collage Flikr group I joined. I didn't really collage but I did make little paintings.

This led to grabbing some nearby canvas' and base coating them in bright colours. (I always start bright and add the dark).

Most days I spend a little time with them in the studio, layering colours.

Today I was brave enough to finish off this one. Now I want to keep it.


midnightbluadorn said...

Very pretty! I'm adding you to my list of blogs :)

shoofly said...

I love it, looks great!

Cicada Studio said...

This is really wonderful- what size is it?

Real Diva Designs said...

you paint..there fore you are..

Garnet said...

Beautiful and intriguing painting! What wonderful work you've created! Keep it up! Congrats about the show, too!

Michelle J said...

Very beautiful!!! First time commenter here, keep up the good work!