Monday, April 21, 2008

Itsy Bitsy continued

What do spiders and the oncologist have in common? Not much. On my way there though, I brought some pipe cleaners to make good on my promise to contribute to Skully's distraction project.

The view on the ferry wasn't enough to take my focus off of how I felt.

But the pile of shiny coloured pipe cleaners were.

My hands were moving and by the time we left the ferry, there were 5 little spiders. The gold one chose to stay on the ship.

The green one found a nice spot nestled into a bouquet of flowers.

It preferred to lead life on a farm and help out at the market.

The blue one at the last minute decided that they city life was for her.

The pink and the red one had lofty hopes of becoming Canadian/American spiders.

It turns out, though that they were tired like me and just wanted to go home.


Mixed Species said...

Love the spiders! Great idea of leaving some artwork for others to find.

Anonymous said...

Those are such cute spiders. Playing with pipe cleaners is like coloring... you never outgrow it!

High Desert Diva said...

You are too funny. Wish there was a hidden camera to catch peoples reactions!