Saturday, April 19, 2008

Oncology Appointment Results

I hate writing lousy things. I start to avoid my blog when I think I may have to write something which I'm not very fond of. I don't mind talking about death or illness or any of that but I do admit hating to write about when I feel bad. I always think there are creative solutions around it. I also believe that talking about our weakness can be a strength. I would rather be hung from my toenails than admit I'm not feeling so hot. That's exactly why I'm going to do it.

I went to my oncologists appointment and told her how much pain I'm in and how it is affecting my life. Rather than looking at me like I was a first class loser, she smiled and started putting the calls in to see if she could get things moving for me, regarding my surgery. She tried not to scare me about the implications of getting an infection and was very helpful. My other option was to go to emergency but then I would have to be dealt with by emergency gynaecologists. She assured me the ER gynaecologists are just as qualified as the ones I've been seeing but I would much rather have my vaginal/cervix surgery done by people who deal with graft/vs/host on a regular basis.

She also told me how I can manage my pain. If I take 2 Tylenol and 2 Advil, it seems to work quite well. I've dealt with many levels of pain and I'm very surprised this works as well as it does in this instance. I was sure I'd need morphine. I hate morphine with a firey passion, just for the record.

On a good note my prediction for my medications was correct...sort of. I'm doing so well every other way that she would have made a significant lowering of my medications. Unfortunately she doesn't want to rock the boat until after I'm healed from my surgery. Graft/vs/host is a temperamental thing and a physical trauma can send me back into problems.

I'm seriously sad about that. I was looking forward to a normal head again by summer. Fuck that nasty prednisone. Also, thanks prednisone for saving my life! It's a love/hate relationship (but mostly hate).

I'm so close to the road to recovery that I can taste it. Maybe that's why I've been binging on donuts and coffee crisps. MMMMMmmmmm.


rachel d said...

i hate the pred too

love it

but hate it

if only they could make the stuff do its magic without the kickback

Kelly Kane said...

My dear, I'm sorry things weren't awesome at the onc's, hopefully they can get you in quick to see the gyno!

Miss you!


Captain Skulduggery Dug said...

Now, don't you go licking roads to taste them. It will just get grit between your teeth and bits of road kill goo on your tongue.

Yippee for your Oncologist! She sounds like she has a bone of compassion which I have to say seems to be somewhat lacking in the case of most Doctors.

I find I have a love/hate relationship with most medication, so I understand your feelings on that one.

I'm not sure how it works in Canada, but in the UK the same doctors that do surgery on you when you get booked in on a waiting list are, more often than not, the same Surgeons that do the operations on the people that come through from A&E, so I would have no problem rocking up to A&E if I was in so much pain, just to jump the waiting list. But, hey that's me, a crazy queue jumping whore. I rarely have enough energy to wait, so if they leave a gap somewhere for me to leap to the front, I'll bloody well take a flying leap!

Take good care of you! *hug*

High Desert Diva said...

I understand the love/hate medicine the way morphine takes away the pain...hate the constipation side effects (which gets more painful than the original problem)

Hope you get in soon, soon, soon.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, those chocolate bar wrappers are on the exact same kind and colour of countertop that can be found in my kitchen.

Sorry it wasn't all cupcakes and roses today... I was hoping things would be a bit more awesome. But at least your doc sounds humanoid. That's really good.