Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Oprah AHA moment minus Oprah

I've been having fun making little videos. I don't have a camera or anything, just my webcam.

After a couple of days of intense video editing I was feeling exhausted. I was at a friends and wanted to curl up into a ball and be at home. I felt terrible. She was making tea for me and the next thing you know I'm taking photos of her dead flowers. I felt dried up just like the crooked one. Next thing you know, I realized I felt better.

In that second I also realized that the reason I haven't fallen into a depression, is because I create. I create therefore I am.

Depression is extremely common after a bone marrow transplant and I've had my moments but nothing you can call depression.

So, therefore, I will keep creating videos, photographs, paintings, blog posts. It's what is keeping me alive. I've never been so clear on something as I was at that moment.


High Desert Diva said...

A can of whoop ass!

Love it

Evelin said...

you go, girl! :)

Captain Skulduggery Dug said...

The blue ones are a pretty colour.

Can you send me a can of whoop ass please, so I can whoop the ass off some cramps and muscle ticks :)

BaldyLocks said...

I have more pretty blue ones in the evening. They are more of a bright sky blue.

And I had a can of whoop ass once that was an energy drink.

Duane said...

Lovely post.

"I create therefore I am."

Thanks for offering light were there was darkness and doubt.

jessicajane said...

i like you. where are you from? and when can we hang out?

Anonymous said...

LOVE it. Love it love it. Even though I don't have the cancer factor, your post made me realize that my black hopeless depressions have pretty much dissipated ever since I made a commitment to creating. And great vid. And Dido kicks ass. Not as much as you, though.

Joann said...

You are a trip. i love your attitude. i am going through cancer for the fourth time.(breast).I hope you can visit my site it's Any hoo, i love your videos. Keep fighting. PS i love your wigs.