Sunday, July 6, 2008

2nd Birthday #2-bone marrow transplant anniversary

So, my day didn't go as planned. No cake for breakfast, no jumpy castles, no martini night, no nakedness or mooning as was suggested to me in this thread on Etsy. I had so many inspiring suggestions from the Esty community but a lot of the suggestions involved nudity and mooning....and running naked through other peoples sprinklers. ALL good suggestions.

StickNymph from Etsy sent me this ecard today. How sweet.

And cowgirljunk says:
"skinny dipping - GOOD
getting laid - GOOD
mooning - GOOD
Cake - GOOD
Toilet Papering -GOOD
Wine - GOOD
Starting in the AM - GOOD

2 extra years - PRICELESS - congrats :)

ENJOY it all"

peaseblossomstudio made a lymrick for me the other day!

There once was a girl named WallCandy
Whose spirit was nothing but dandy
Though she had trials
She always had smiles
And she never resorted to brandy.


People are amazing.

So with my last few minutes before falling asleep, I took this photo to honour all the supportive friends, Etsians, bloggers and people dealing with cancer,

and one big ass crack to say,

I love you all. Happy Fuck Cancer Day!


Anonymous said...

I, for one, am amazed you were able to write so legibly on your own ass.


I'm so happy for you! Situations like this always a reminder to enjoy life to the fullest!

*hugs and kisses*

Captain Skulduggery Dug said...

Hehehe... cute ass lady!

Congratulations on the Anniversary!

Next year I think maybe I'll throw a party for you... fancy flying over for a toddler style tea party with candy, jello, cakes, chips, nuts, pizza etc? We will of course lay on entertainment... jugglers, fire spinners and hoopers, bouncy castles and pass the parcel.

Start saving pennies for the flight now and we promise to treat you like a princess when you arrive :)

I know Wales isn't quite Italy, but it is very pretty. We might not have all the stunning art galleries but we do have gorgeous natural art all around us.

High Desert Diva said...

I too am being very practical and wondering how the hell you wrote that on your own ass!

Anonymous said...

Oh Baldybaby!! That is wickedly awesome!! Hahaha!! So, I'm going to assume you had help... who was your accomplice? :)

BaldyLocks said...

Yes, I actually wrote on my own ass. I didn't go to art school for nothing, you know. I have my BFA (Bachelor of Fuck All)

I also learned that Mac makeup is VERY good quality. It' almost as bad as a sharpie to try and scrub off the butt.

Imagine my panic as I knew I had to go to a gyno appointment the next morning (aka today).

Anonymous said...

nice bum! what did the doctor say about your incredibly legible message?

BaldyLocks said...

I managed to get it off but not without a healthy dose of terror first.

Kelly Kane said...

Aww cute little butt my friend :) XO

April H said...

Ditto what littlelotus said. :)

And Fuck Cancer.

You have some wonderful friends!