Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wedding Day Eve

My brother's wedding day is tomorrow. He's the guy that lent me some of his stem cells and that's why I'm here today.

Preparing for a wedding sure takes a lot of money and effort and all we are doing is showing up. I bought my sons new clothes and shoes, as well as getting myself a dress.

I dug around my antique jewellery and decided on some sparkley beads,

To go with the grey dress,

and the Fly shoes.

I couldn't afford a sweater for me, so I bought a beautiful wrap in a light grey so as not to compete with the shoes.

Money is really tight these days and often I find that can lead to a lot more creative solutions! I made a painting for them and couldn't afford wrapping paper or even tape so I dug around the house for what I had. I came up with some brown paper and pulled out my paints. I had to glue the wrapping paper together and then I added the detail. I decided there would be no surprise once they saw the shape of the gift, so I just went with it.

My son did say after that maybe they could have thought it was a very large book.

Speaking of creative solutions, their daughter turned one last month and I found an old decrepit little bunny rocker in the thrift store. It was made by hand by somebody and I decided it needed a new life. My sons scraped paint, sanded, redid screws, painted and I did the embellishment on top.

It was $5 and I used what I had kicking around. I did buy a new can of clearcoat to protect it so it cost almost $15 in the end.

It won over a lot of hearts, too.


Bohemian Chic said...

You crafty it all, love the jewelery...they say you can meet "the one" at a wedding so I am crossing all my digits for the way I love the bunny..shes going to adore it..make sure you post a pic

Vivian said...

I love what you did with that rabbit rocker! It'll mean alot more than all the plastic kindercrap out there :)

Your outfit looks awesome. Love the shoe choice! Have fun tomorrow!

Kelly Kane said...

8/8/08 wedding, huh?! How cool!!!

Have a blast, and kudos on the rocker!


Michelle said...

Have a great time at your bro's wedding!!!

I love all the stuff you made, very cool!!!

High Desert Diva said...

Your outfit is perfect!

Creative wrapping solutions and artist painted gifts are the best.


Ndinombethe said...

Very creative. Love the wrapping, and the rocker.

Enjoy the wedding.. post pics of you and boys all dolled up when you can

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a cuter rocker. Great job. I'm jealous of your skills :)

Cam-a-lam said...

That looks like it was the cutest wedding ever.

PS-Love the dress! Gap has changed so much since Patrick Robinson took the design helm.

Anonymous said...

I looooove those shoes!