Thursday, September 4, 2008

I've been...



This is medically a huge step for me and a day I've been waiting for a VERY long time! Over two years actually.

My stem cell transplant left me with zero immunities. That's right, zero. I'm medically responsible to be afraid .... very afraid. I must avoid any busy public places, like transportation, movie theatres, line ups etc. I also have to avoid touching or spending too much time with children and am not really allowed to visit hospitals, lest I be exposed to something nasty. I have to avoid any type of party foods because they sit out on the table and cannot guarantee having been refrigerated. That also goes for any kind of vendor food or basically anything fun. It's my job to be paranoid.

Wait, did you just cough!? Are you sick!? Do you think you might have Diphtheria? Or perhaps Pertussis? OMG! Is that a chicken pock?!!!

I carry around hand sanitizer which is sure to be the end of the world as we know it because of all the super bugs it's going to create. I'm a real bummer to take out sometimes.

People close to me occasionally think I'm going overboard but the chances of dying because I ate some dip at the wedding is a bit of a deterrent. Possible death or piece of broccoli? Hmmmm.

I try to keep my caution under wraps but it's inevitable that someone will say, why aren't you eating any of this delicious food that we've had sitting out on the table under the hot sun since an undisclosed time? Why aren't you kissing that rashy little baby? Why don't we just cram ourselves in that doorway with 13 other people so our bodies can all rub up against each other while we wait for our table? Their body heat will keep us warm.

Hell, my oncologist says I'm not even allowed to eat blue cheese or dig in the garden!

Anyway, I received 5 shots with about 3 different diseases being covered per shot. I have to keep getting a series of these shots for the next year. I am no longer a born again immunity virgin!

I'm finally on the road to an immune system that will protect me!


Anonymous said...

I promise NOT to pass you the tongue when we meet!!!! ahahahahh

sick person that I am! humor wise sick!

Trac said...

Congratulations on being shot!

High Desert Diva said...


hockeychic said...

YAY! More positive news!

Charlotte said...

Fantastic! Glad things are moving in the right direction for you! :-)
...Had to smile though; given that I have a supposedly healthy immune system, I have this total phobia about catching infections! My friends all take the piss out of me and the enourmous lengths I go to in order to avoid 'contagious' people and dodgy food!!!

BaldyLocks said...

Ha ha! That's so funny because I've always been a bit of a germaphobe and my friends liked to bug me about it, too.

Now I just have a really good reason!

Right As Rain Creations said...

getting shots = no fun
building your immunity back up = priceless!

I'll try not to bring my chicken poxy baby over to cough on you while she is smeared with veggie dip from yesterday's outdoor potluck.

And by try I mean, we'll be on your crowded doorstep tomorrow. *giggle*

For reals though - you are an amazingly strong and brave person and I am in awe of you! God bless you.

genuinelygreen said...

LOL. Congrats on being shot. :) Happy saturday

Charlotte said...

...Was stuck on a very crowded train yesterday - found myself holding my breath!!! ..But it was a choice of death by lack of breathing, or - contamination by the flu-ridden smelly guy sharing my personal space! - thought of you... :-)

Miss Melanoma said...

Yay, you! Glad to hear the positive news and that you're making such amazing progress. You amaze me, girl.

Anonymous said...

what a thought-provoking post - started me thinking about how much I take my hardy immune system for granted. Glad you got shot, dahlink!

Anonymous said...

I just chanced upon your blog coming from a breast cancer site. I'm a 7 year cancer survivor and chemo did in my immune system. I've now developed an adult-onset immune disorder, so I feel your paranoia re germs, viruses, et al. However, it's the world at large that is lax with the food prep/serving: none of us should be eating those extended buffets. Don't pay any attention to all the commenters--as my Grandmother used to say, "Consider the source!"


Unknown said...

Where are you Baldy!? You got shot and then you up and disappeared on us! Hopefully you are bouncing out and about in the world, testing the limits of your new and improved immune system!!! :)

Or should we be worried?

Miss you!

Panda said...

Hi, I haven't posted before here.

Just hoping you're busy and fine.

Panda x

Dawny said...


Here's to new beginnings :-)

Howz your boy?

xxxreiki hugsxxx