Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Back!

I have my laptop put all back together! The data recovery company was not successful in retrieving my photos so at some point when I can stomach it I will sort through what I've backed up and cry a little over the things I didn't. Time to move on.

The memorial service for my sons friend was a beautiful ceremony. Everyone who spoke of him talked about his huge sense of humour and compassion for friends and family. The church was busting with so many people that many of them had to stand outside. At the end everyone met in the field to see bunches of colourful balloons released into the sky. The weather was warm and sunny which is bizarre considering my second son's accident on Wednesday was in the snow. It was the right day for a burst of sunlight. Sunshine can be so healing.

Since the car wreck, Second Son has been having headaches that are on one side of his head and include one eye. He has to have a CT scan on Thursday to see if his brain is okay. They also want to make sure that his skull isn't cracked. As soon as they say he's fine I'm sure his teachers will pounce on him and make him do the tests he's missed this week. I can see that this accident is going to have lasting results. When I asked him what chores he's done since we moved he reminded me that he'd been in a car accident. Hmmmm.

I can see that this has the makings of an extended excuse.

He's certainly entitled. I think I'll go get him another bucket of ice-cream and talk to him some more. Come to think of it, maybe the CT scan will show the cause of his headaches are ice-cream induced brain freeze? I can only hope.


Captain Skulduggery Dug said...

Welcome back!

I hope the CT scan finds a brain. Jon had on MRI not long ago on his head. I had a bet on them finding nothing but dust bunnies in there.

High Desert Diva said...

Best wishes for the CT scan for your son. Yeah....I can see the car accident turning into a loooong excuse!

Anonymous said...

I hope the CT shows that your son is o.k. .

Hmm ..., brain? His mother has a good one. So his chances are not too bad.

The "excuses - thing" is normal for us men.
This is a kind of genetic program. We are powerless against it.
It is not his fault. The nature compels him to do so. :-)
Have a nice day.


Bohemian Chic said...

Hey Girl..send me your new phone number. Wow alots happened in such a short time. It's been tough on our boy to lose their friend..but perhaps it is a good reminder for them to stay more in touch with each other.It was good to see them together even if it was for such a sad event..Hope boy number 2 is okay..you are certainly going to gain your grey hair(if you ever get any)Lol Hugs J