Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cute With Chris

How often in life do we get to personally thank the people who truly inspired us and make our lives better? I just did.

When I was sick and immobile I would surf the net a lot (I like talking about that like it's past tense). I hated it. I wanted to be out doing stuff, hiking mountains, creating, having a life. I was grasping for something that could keep my hopes up and better yet laugh at all the bullshit I was dealing with.

I was simultaneously going through a really ugly phase (physical ugliness, not inner ugliness) because of my drugs and my hair attempting to grow back in (ugh) and having given myself a black eye that wouldn't go away. It was pretty brutal and devastating. I looked like something someone had chewed up and spat out. When I went out people wouldn't even look at me, they looked through me.

Then I came across a video made by Chris Levins, of Cute with Chris. I believe it involved a severed foot, before floating severed feet put the Canadian West Coast on the world map. Good call on that one Chris.

He said "All your dreams are dead". What? How did he know? And then when he called people who are whiny about their problems as "a sucky little Bitch" I was smitten. Why, I feel like a sucky little bitch!

I laughed my ass off and truthfully, laughing is was what got me through all this hell.

Then on Saturday, I saw his live show when he came to Victoria! When I was 12 I made a firm oath to never let a giggle cross my lips because, in my opinion, giggling made you look dumb. I'm all about crushing your emotions deep inside where no one will ever see them.

Well, when I had this photo taken with him outside the show I full on giggled like a 14 year old. If my 12 year old self could see me now she'd be deeply ashamed. Just look at my big, dumb ass, goofy smile.

As a life experience, it was well worth it.

And best yet I was able to tell him what his videos meant to me and how they helped put some joy in my life at some of the worst possible times. I believe life is about quality not quantity. What good is being here if you can't have a good fucking laugh every day.

If you get the chance you should check out his new project, Chris Leavins Story Hour on iTunes. His stories are brilliant.

Thanks Chris! You made my day!


Hey Harriet said...

Finding people who can make you laugh during times when laughter is the last thing on your mind is pretty special! And hey your 'big, dumb ass, goofy smile' looks great! :)

April H said...

Laughter is incredible medicine, isn't it! SO glad you got to meet him and that he had that effect on your (especially the giggles, regardless of what your 12 year old self told you, giggle are medicinal)

I am often a reader and don't always comment but I had to leave one on this :)

Have a super day, and you look absolutely gorgeous by the way!


Cherry Tart Design said...

I have always felt that a good giggle can make a world of difference whenever I'm feeling down. I'm so glad you got to meet him and let him know how much he helped you through your rough times.

You look fantastic!

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

It's amazing really how powerful laughter is. You look absolutely adorable now!