Monday, December 28, 2009

This is not my life

Serious head shake. Last night I was kept up until the wee hours of the morning watching armored men with rifles hide beneath my bedroom window. They had my entire house surrounded with floodlights blaring at the unit with the door facing mine. It was like watching a movie but with the convenience of not having to turn on my TV.

They opened the neighbors door and then stayed back behind my place, using a bull horn to call the number of the unit occupants to come out with their hands up. They said to send out the girl first. Then later about 8 armed men surrounded the door with their rifles pointed inside and sent in a police dog. They meant business.

As I hid in my house and watched this go down, all I could think was, "What the fuck did my neighbors do?!!!"

The entire block was cordoned off and other than calling them out of the house it was eerily silent. On the road side, there was a huge armoured vehicle that looked like it could ram it's way through a house and painted flat black with no markings. Later they sent in a search dog (different from the attack dog). I mostly stayed on the top floor of my house. I did peak out my kitchen window where there were 2 guys with rifles a couple of feet from me, then realised what a BAD idea that was.

What a mess. Social housing has been a real eye opener for me. This area is so beautiful and an object of envy to anyone who I mention the area to. I guess it's so central, though.... I get really ticked off that there are so many decent families genuinely in need of a little help and we have to live with assholes that are doing something illegal. How hard is it to weed them out? I'm guessing they'll be evicted now at least.

Anyway the police here are not to be messed with and I'm so exhausted today, I can't move. What a weird reason to have a bad day for.


lexismonkie said...

I'm pretty sure I would of reacted the same way, except include some crying and fetal position type stuff.

T.Allen said...

Wow! That must've been quite scary. I too hope they will be evicted if they're found guilty of whatever wrongdoing. Have a safe and peaceful rest of the week.

Erica said...

That is pretty scary. It reminds me of living in downtown LA. Sorry it put you in a bad mood :(

Jens said...

Imagine how surprised your neighbors were (the target persons). Even more than you.
Blitz tactics. Often works. Uhmm.... but not always.


I hope that you are soon recovered from this experience.

BaldyLocks said...

I can't imagine how scary it would have been to the neighbors having that many armed men and dogs after them. It would have been terrifying to have to walk out the door.

Charlotte said...

...And did you ever actually find out what the neighbours DID do?!
Hope you've recovered from your part of the ordeal! xx

BaldyLocks said...

The landlord just came by and apparently they are dealing drugs. Some guy OD's there last week and apparently the police visit regularly.

I didn't even notice but my son did. I'm so naive.