Monday, February 1, 2010

Pawn Shop

Being a mom to 3 sons has always been interesting... or maybe I should have put that in quotation marks? Being a mom to 3 sons has always been "interesting". They are active to the point of bouncing off the walls, they used to climb trees bigger than my house and they always had at least 5 friends over at a time when they would just be a blur as they circled around and around the house. I have always been extremely active in their lives and knowing what they are up to and in to. Sometimes it's not so much fun knowing that stuff but that's my job.

I have to be there, be open and loving and also be the bootcamp leader, and the one who says "No" and mean it. Basically I have to play "Bad Cop/ Good Cop" all on my own. I want them to feel loved, respected, listened to, trusted and protected, although the last few years they have become my protectors. They have an amazing reflex to catch me when I wobble and I haven't hit the ground yet!

Despite being fairly "in the know" about what they do, I also know that they are all decent, good kindhearted people. They have boundaries and interests and are not afraid to lend a hand to help someone out. And the mischief they have gotten into as teenagers has been more about climbing up places they shouldn't be. Really, I like them more now than I ever have. Damn it, I like my teenagers!

So my youngest comes home today after school and tells me how his friend and him went to a pawn shop. They traded old games for new ones and when they got back to his friend's house and opened them they noticed the game disk wasn't there. Heck no, there was a porn DVD instead.

So when he came in, he told me about it. He said he was ticked off that the game he wanted wasn't there, but like any boy on the planet, he also looked slightly curious. I confiscated it. It's called, "Truly Nice Tits 8, Breast Friends". I'm holding it for him until tomorrow when he goes back and swaps it in.

I appreciate his honesty a great deal but I can't help know that he is going to regret telling me FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE.

I'm sure he's probably in his room now thinking, "damn!"

It's only natural. I'm sure they sneaked a peak at it at his friends house anyway. I don't think anyone has been irreparably damaged by seeing breasts before especially since he has seen all the nude life drawing I used to bring home after my classes.

Yes, Just another day at my house.


Caroline said...

He's probably seen more than you think and is thinking DAMN. But pawn shops and consignment shops are great places to get stuff cheap. I shop at consignment stores all the time. I don't know how you do it with three sons. I think I would have gone crazy.

Anonymous said...

The title of the movie made me laugh! Have a great day!

Jens said...

Oops ... hit! It seems to me that the movie is not so "harmless" as the title suggests.

He probably has not seen much of it, otherwise he would have kept it secret (I think so).
He is still O.K. . Do not worry.

Pfff .... was close, eh.

Dawny said...

hahahaha oh dear do I have this to look forward to....


BaldyLocks said...

I'm sure he has seen more than that, Caroline. I'm pretty proud of him for turning it in. And Dawny, if you have young sons, then yep, that's what's coming down the pipe for you.

When mine were little I had a friend who had 4 sons and three of them were pretty much teenagers. I was absolutely petrified that, that's what was coming for me. They were so big and rowdy! Luckily it's a lot less scary living it than looking in on it.

BaldyLocks said...

He returned it and they gave him 2 games instead of one. I guess they are just glad an angry parent didn't show up and give them hell.

Hippofatamus said...

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I have featured you and your blog ove on my blog. I have also added you to my Blogroll. Keep up the good posts, I'm a follower!

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Oh maaaannnn!!!! You totally watched it didn't you?

Anonymous said...

I read your blog all the time and love when you write about yoru boys. I have boys of my own and I feel like you and I have the same take on them: that their rambunctiousness and often crazy antics are part of the joy of having boys (or free-spirited girls). But today I thought for the first time- "where is the baby daddy?" I don't ever think you've written of him, and yet he has to have been around at some point. Would you care to give us the short version? None of our business, of course, but since we're all followers of your online autobiography, I thought I'd ask.

Thanks for whatever you chose to give us!