Monday, March 1, 2010


Now that the Olympics are over I have to gather myself up and go over to Vancouver for a series of check up appointments. I missed all the partying and expect to have a few quiet days there. I need some serious quiet and some sleep. Things are so tiring here...I mean life is tiring I guess.

I need a break.

There seems to be an eensy teensy tiny part of me that misses the hospital when I get this burnt out. There you have to stay in bed and they bring you your meals. The only down side is if you're in there then you're sick. I'm sure a holiday is what normal people would do but there is no holiday from my life, so, I'll go for my oncology checkups and pretend it's a weekend away. I don't stay in the hospital.

Bleh. Not my ideal choice but I'll take it since I have to go anyway. I'll see what kind of mischief I can get into while I'm there.

Post Olympic Mischief, I like the sound of that!


Caroline said...

Mischief? Oh definitely... Good luck with your onc apts.

Dawny said...

P.O.M haha do your worst :O)