Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The last year has been tough. In ways it was better than the rest but in other ways it's been harder. The shear weight of the forced changes my life and body have gone through have really worn me down. I felt like I've been pulled into a deep bog where I couldn't see any way out.

I forgot that life is an adventure every day. It's the moments and experiences we each have that have a richness that can't be compared to any other.

Like tonight. I walked to a friend's sailboat and spent an evening with amazing artists and an exorbitantly expensive Jones Soda mixed with some vodka I found in my cupboard. I walked. I made it and I made it back again on my own two feet.

As I walked back I was thankful that I had brought my scarf and that my two feet could get me home again. I couldn't have said that a year ago.

As I was walking home I was kept busy with tights that were edging down around towards my ankles and my dress was being hiked up underneath my jacket. I was wrestling with polar opposing forces between me and the world. That, and I made it home.

I really did forget even though I tried so hard to remember. Hard or not hard, every day should be one to keep hold of.


Kyra said...

it was great to have you be part of "boat night" m'dear - here's to many more!

Jens said...

A bed of moss and the sky as a ceiling. I wish you good dreams.
Cool photo.