Saturday, May 29, 2010

i2Y OMG Cancer Summit

Here are some of the photos from the "I'm Too Young for This" cancer summit in New York. It was a really great experience but the best part was meeting the amazing people there. It was an upbeat day talking about a hard subject that we're all dealing with.

It was So wonderful meeting you all! And very exciting that I got pictures with some of the bloggers I only knew online. I finally got to meet the community that has helped me pull through this long haul.

And I think it's kind of funny how awful I look in these photos but the conference did start at 6am my time! In some of these photos I look like I might just drop unconscious onto the floor at any second. I'm actually pretty proud of myself that I didn't.

Before I went I was really concerned if it would be worth it. It definitely was!


Dawny said...

You look great and glad you had a good time :O)

Matthew Zachary said...

Absolutely amazing to see you and have you there live and in person. Rock on Baldlocks!

hockeychic said...

You looks great! Glad you went and had a good time.

Tara said...
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Tara said...

It was great to meet you too and I had a fab time! I'm glad we were able to room together and have a good chat :).
Oh and speaking of looking like one is about to collapse unconscious on the floor; that's ME in the pic of the 2 of us! haha That 16 hour walking tour of the city on Sat. musta taken more outta me than I thought; either that or the shitty "vegetarian" lunch we had at the summit ;) lol
Take care and I hope we can meet again some sunny day! :)

(repost cuz I kant spel :p )

Janelle said...

Hi, just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I have came across your blog. I personally was browsing to see how chemotherapy affects peoples lives.. thanks for making your blog public it really helps..