Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photo Bomb

At the Paint In, beer garden I was introduced to a new term by my friend's 22 year old son.

Apparently he just 'photo bombs' and later when he looks, he generally has a few good photos. So photo bombing is just taking hundreds of pictures. After studying photography and knowing the mechanics of the camera, light, composition and everything that goes into good photography, I had wondered why there were so many good photos from amateurs. I notice my sons always have great photos on their Facebook pages taken with cell phones or iPods.

It's a little disconcerting if you are a photographer who can't afford all the fancy camera bling, like amazing lenses and lighting. Heck why even put all the effort into taking a good shot when you could just point your camera and start snapping?

I let him play with my camera for a bit and later I dug through all the photos of pretty girls to pull out these. They are pretty interesting.

My favourite is the last one. He missed his shot of a guy petting a dog and got this instead. The result is something a lot more curious.

The world is changing so quickly with technology taking so many leaps forward, it makes you wonder where we will be soon. A few years ago I wouldn't have had a blog, and my sons wouldn't have had such great photos of themselves except for the ones their mom took.

I took photography 6 years ago and I learned with an old 35mm film camera. I used an actual dark room to develop and manipulate my photos in. I would create my depth of field with the camera rather than Photoshop and would make sure I had the shot before I took it because I couldn't just delete them. It's a whole other process.

All I can say is, is that I'm glad I'm rolling with the times but I doubt I will be photo bombing any time soon.


naw said...

but the "true" definition of photobombing is
an otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photograph.The most common photobomb is someone in the background making a face.
I think your friends son has a different definition of photobombing then the common one...
I know what he has described is common through out the weekend photographer world of younger adults then us... but I dont know if its called photobombing commonly any how...

BaldyLocks said...

Hmmm, I keep learning. I had never heard of the reference before.

naw said...

yeah there are a ton of photobomb blogs out there
google search the word its worth it...great for a laugh
cheers me up some times to see some of these photo "boo boos" its like watching an episode of benny hill or mr bean kind of slap stick so its kind of lowest common denominator humor in most cases but there are some that are worthy of being along side charlie chaplin they are so funny...

BaldyLocks said...

Maybe I misunderstood what he said? I'm not sure, I may have a chance to ask him sometime.

naw said...

maybe but your explanation of a photobomb sounds more logical of what it is ... then this other stuff

Miss Melanoma said...

Dude, you have to check out this site, you will LYAO:
Btw, I do this with my students a lot, too. I get the best pics if I just hand over a camera for a little bit instead of running around trying to talk them into letting me take their photos. hahah

Love the pics! Take care.

BaldyLocks said...

I've been checking out that site, it's hilarious!

You are a crafty genius Miss M!