Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Awesome Forum Thread

Check out this awesome angry forum thread with people saying what they really think of cancer. Trust me, it's very cathartic.

Here's my lovely 'ahem' addition to it.

"This is complete bullshit. Fuck you cancer, for inviting apathy into my beautiful life. I didn't need any lessons from you. I didn't need to know how bad life can hurt because I already knew. I didn't need to know what it's like to be afraid every day of being killed by my own body. I don't need to know what it's like to wonder if I will be here next summer, or next winter, or for my next birthday.

I don't need a life destroying cataclysm to know how valuable my time is. I don't NEED any aha moments to to live my life to the fullest. I don't NEED my life hanging by a thread to love my children. I don't NEED to be crippled with arthritis and health problems from killing you. I don't NEED to be in pain every day to know what life means. I don't need to know what my death will look like to enjoy and appreciate every fucking beautiful moment I have on this rock.

Fear is NO WAY to live.

You have brought NOTHING to my life, only taken everything I have worked for. I'm making crazy amazing artwork about your visit with me now but that is ALL ME. If I could I would toss every second you have ever spent in my life without looking back. YOU ARE WORTHLESS.


I will LIVE and I will BREATHE and I will thrive, DESPITE you until my last day."

PS : Please feel free to unleash here, any rants you may have pent up inside. It's good for you :)

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Jens said...

I'm sure it helped you. Keep it up.