Monday, August 2, 2010

Moss St Paint In -Victoria B.C.

This is my second installment of photos of the Moss St Paint in, in Victoria B.C.

After I had waded through 35,000 people and sat at the end of the road looking over the ocean and mountains, I headed back up to see the rest. It's such an amazing feeling of walking the picturesque street among so many others who are all drinking in the sights of 150 artists.

All walks of life were there, children, families, singletons, people and their dogs, couples etc.
And all modes of non vehicle transportation were there quietly roaming the closed off street, bikes, wheelchairs, strollers etc. I was taken with this long makeshift bike rack of a neverending row of bike candy.

There was a large public mural for anyone feeling inspired to try their hand at spreading some colour around.

Peppered around the artists were musicians, entrepreneurial kids, homes having garage/art sales and fun activities.

There was even a band of superheros musically entertaining the crowd.

Above artist is Lisa Hebden.

Above artist is Kathleen Lane.

David Hunwick's sculptures looked like they could come alive and leap away at any moment.

Above, Garrett Petersen was a new painter I hadn't come across before. His work is colourful and the imagery nostalgic. I love the way he starts with a block of colour.

Fiona Vandale had the same idea as me for keeping the heat of the summer off.

I met (below) the two guys who are, Cavanna They had a great setup that made everyone feel at home... literally.

Below is what looked like a family set up that invited passerby to come in and try and instrument. They gave a little touch of a lesson and the people who joined in were surprised when they had their first jam session.

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