Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life Experimentalism

Well, it looks like I've done something I NEVER, never thought I would ever, ever do.

I participated in Karaoke.

I have lots of wild adventures on my to do list for this year, jumping off bridges, cliffs and what not but I always thought karaoke was waaaaaay out there. Why would people want to sing in public? For fun? Seriously?

I found out last night that I didn't get it because I rarely drink alcohol. Apparently you need to be an amazing singer and/or plastered drunk. Everyone sounds better with alcohol flowing.

So I had fallen prey to a group of rambunctious ladies who were bent on tearing up the Victoria Tuesday night karaoke scene. Our group was called "The Last Hurrah" and we were seated in front of the stage. They had hilarious, too tight, white shirts ondisplaying their husbands company names on the back. The front of the T-shirts read Cou- Grrrr.

Now I guess I missed the drunken brain-storm pool party where they came up with this idea because of some unhappy things that were happening to me then. It sucked missing it but them's the breaks. In my world, right now I take what I can get and last night was frick'n amazing, equally as mortifyingly bad as it was good.

There were a few drinks purchased for me from kind friends and a lot of bad singing where I even got up ON STAGE and sang. I was as truly as terrible as I thought I would be but I guess that's the fun? Singing extremely cheesy '80's songs ans rocking out like it sounds good? It was a blast.

Three of us realized that we'd never been before so we had a group called the 'Karaoke Virgins' and we sang Queen's "We Will Rock You". It was so bad but it turned one of us (not me) actually knew the song. She saved our asses on that one but I stomped on the floor in my heals and clapped almost in time.

A few of our group ended up on the floor and a younger guy suggested I go up on stage and get jiggy with my friend that was singing. I guess anything goes at this sort of function. I never went through the bar phase that most people go through because I was at home with my sons from a young age and I wasn't particularity interested it anyway.

I think that's my type A personality. If it isn't going to directly get me somewhere or benefit me in some way career wise then I couldn't care less. Post cancer I am exploring this realm of doing things for the pleasure of it. I have to admit without sarcasm that it's a bit tough to do things against my personality but I think it's befitting me a lot. There I go again.

Fun for the sake of fun, that's what I'm trying to teach myself.

I stay away from any male contact in that kind of setting because it makes me feel uncomfortable. I didn't take the suggestion to get it on with my friend on stage but I did dance... IN HEELS. I am a heel hater but last night they were working in my favour. I ignored the hip pain and danced in a reserved kind of way. I felt amazing when the hot flashes stopped, and several women from the group told me I looked super hot which made laugh.

So I will add, 'Karaoke' to my list of things I've tried for the pure sake of it.


Caroline said...

you go girl! I have never karaoked.

BaldyLocks said...

It's definitely an experience!

Kyra said...

fun for the sake of fun is oh so important - you go girl! (p.s. i have to admit i have NEVER karaoked (is that a verb?)

Dawny said...

Haaahahaha brilliant...

I have never had the guts to do Karaoke either ...just can't seem to push through that barrier, although in another life I will be a Rock n Roll star :O)

So glad you had fun and in heels too wey hey


BaldyLocks said...

My question to you is this;

Maybe you're a Rock'n Roll Star right now?! Even if it's singing in the shower.

And Kyra, yes karaoked is totally a verb ;)

Dawny said...

Oh yes in the shower and in an empty house haha