Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pinky & the Brain

At some point when I came home from the hospital, and old friend started visiting me. Since I was pretty much bed riden, she would come and sit in my bed with me and we would dream of all the possibilities in our future. This was a really vital thing for me since I didn't have any clue what kind future I was going to have, if any.

We would laugh and plot and come up with outrageous schemes to take over the world. One day we even jotted it down in my sketch book. Somehow I was dubbed Brain and she was dubbed, Pinky. I think it could be because I'm a bit analytical and she is more about friendship and human connection. I'm still working on that part of life.

Pinky on the left and Brain is on the right

So we jotted down our top secret agenda which was basically to make bags and bags of money. I even called my spare room, "The Money Room" because it had a lot of shelves to keep the money.

So as time has progressed our plotting time has subsided as we sculpt our real world agendas. Her world has changed in many ways and as she has gotten her career on track she dreams of finding love again. My time has been spent working on my art shows, hoping that it will come of something even if I can't imagine what that something is. Sometimes I even wonder if it's really worth it.

We went out for a family dinner in Chinatown for a birthday and Chinese New Year. The meal was fantastic and at the end we got a fortune cookie each. When we opened them we were surprised to find what our fortunes read. Then there was an extra cookie. Since no one else wanted it we decided to split it, each holding one side as we cracked it open. That particular fortune had us laughing our asses off. I decided they were good enough to place on our Pinky and the Brain page.

In case you can't read the text, the one on the left reads, "You will be deeply loved". The one under Brain on the right reads, "Assert yourself, your ideas are worthwhile". The one that we jointly opened says, "Your secret venture will work out brilliantly"

It looks like all that plotting will come to some good after all...


Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful story!

hockeychic said...

Love it!