Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Postering the City

I kept postering the city today. I was like a postering machine! What was great was how well the posters have been received. Every coffee shop and business I went to today was really happy to have them.

I took this shot at the beginning of my poster journey. These photos are in a small alley in the oldest Chinatown in Canada. Movies have been filmed here, although you have to step aside to pass people in some spots because it's so narrow yet it's still a vibrant part of the city.

I can't believe how many posters I put out today, almost 50. I put them up at my university and even put one in the art building I used to attend. I saw several of my old professors and they said they's come by the show. As I was putting the poster up there, there were some spry yet tired looking university students.

When I told them I graduated there in 2006 they said, "Yes! You mean there's life out there after this?!!"

Apparently they're glad to know that some people keep creating after leaving art school. It's kind of funny because they acted like I had "made it" just because I had a printed poster. If they only knew.

Stay in school kids, that's the best part.

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