Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dancers 4 Cancer

The last couple of years I've been involved in the Dancers4Cancer fundraiser. I love their cause, I love their non discriminatory outlook and it's a hellofalotta fun. This year I've been lucky enough to get their site up and running, design their poster and now I get to design this years T-shirt. Click on the image to see it larger.

I feel I'm finally giving my skills some good use.

I may be designing a more custom site for them sometime this year. I've also been in talks with the dancers4cancer coordinator and have some exciting things coming up!


Jens said...

Cool poster. Now things are going pretty well for you.
You're on your way.
Thumb up.

Dawny said...


Grace said...

hooray for you. looks fabulous xxxx

Dawny said...

missing you hope you are busy being creative and fantasic....


BaldyLocks said...

Dawny, you just put a big smile on my face. And I guess I kind of am. I'm super busy on several projects :)


Dawny said...

We aim to please :O)

BaldyLocks said...

Please don't drop links on my blog. I will consider them spam and delete them.

*that's to the comment I just removed*

Michele said...

A pleasure to meet you Baldylocks! I AM a dancer, and an artist, a writer and also have cancer like you. I have chronic, not acute but I guess some days cancer is just cancer and cancer SUCKS!
Love the Dancers 4 Cancer, will look into it more. If you are interested in my blog please feel free to visit; if not, that is A OK, too!
Wishing you a good day, right now it seems as though that is all I can hope for!