Sunday, August 26, 2007

Helicopter Ride

Okay. I was happily finishing my art degree in the honours program. I had a couple of weeks left to prepare for my grad show and was working in a large studio on 7' tall paintings. I had worked my ass off for years to get to this glorious point, where all my work would come to fruitation. Slowly I was crashing but kept pushing myself harder. I became sicker and sicker until I literally laid down my paintbrush and went home to my couch. A friend found me and took me to the emergency.

Next thing you know I hear "Leukemia", am placed in isolation, and am then thrown on a helicopter to Vancouver. What an amazing ride! Unfortunately I was strapped to a stretcher with an oxygen mask on and IV's among gorgeous paramedics. I had tubes coming out of me every which way. It turns out helicopter paramedics are even better looking than regular ones! Try looking good in THAT situation.

Anyway, I was plugged into a small room overloooking the city. Amazing!

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Bohemian Chic said...

I hope you at least got some phone numbers