The Adventure List

My "to do" list for 2010/2011

Dye my hair bright fuchsia
Get a Bike
Be a roller girl with the Eves of Destruction
Bungee Jump -post, video
Rebuild My Physical Strength
Lose the 20 Prednisone Pounds *make that 27 lbs*
Update my Skills to be a Web Designer
Become Employable
Live at a Lake
Cliff Jump at Paradise
Try Belly Dancing
Hike Mountains
Try Burlesque
Be Fucking GREAT at Hooping
Pay off My Medication Debts
Ride a Bike on the Galloping Goose Trail
Photograph People with Cancer/Improve My Photography
Fall in Love
Rock Wall Climbing
Paint Again
Build my Fuck Cancer Site
See Australia
Go to the OMG Conference in New York , post 2, post 3
Make Someones Day
Swim out to Thetis Lake Island
Collaborate on a Painting with the Woodpile Collective
Make a Kick Ass Fuck Cancer T shirt
Meet Arthur Vicars
Create a body of artwork and reenter the Victoria art scene
Create a Body of Work and Show it in New York
Make Cancer T shirts with Tasteless Slogans
Create a Zine
Dance in the Streets of Brazil
Tell Someone I Care
Create an Artist Bike Gang
Create Videos of My Adventures
Have Bike Picnic
See the Rockies with my sons
Be a Better Parent
Get out of the House More and Attend the Festivities in my City
Create a Bursary for Young Adult Cancer Survivors
Go Kayaking
Go Spelunking