Sunday, March 6, 2011


Exhibit-V is a site that creates short films of the art show openings around Victoria. Efren came by and created this video of me chatting about the show.


Charlotte said...

Hello, I've not been around for ages - I've been leading a bit of a crazy existence, but thought I'd check in to see how you were doing!

Wow, amazing. I have true admiration for you seeing it all through and sharing your work in this way.

I love art (and have an artistic job myself) so I really appreciate the skill and work that's gone in to it all - but can see it is also a very intimate, personal account of your journey.

Congratulations on this, it's really inspiring to see you with your own exhibition and kind of cool to hear you speak on the video also!

Sending love all the way from sunny North Wales! xx

BaldyLocks said...

Charlotte! Hello! What a great time for you to pop by my blog.

The art show went so well I can barely believe it. Nice to see you here again :)

Jens said...

Ü-b-e-r cool!

Charlotte said...

I'm really glad it's going well for you - it's so cool, you really truly deserve it :-) xx

Mary Bast said...

Love your blog, your title, your humor, your strength. Someone passed on to me this morning a "One Lovely Blog Award" with the request that I pass it on with links to the sender and seven others. Yours is one of the links I've awarded:

Dawny said...


and sooooo cool to 'see' you

Big congrats


Ed Everest said...

Yay Baldylocks - I like the video, and you sure can draw! Congratulations on a successful exhibition :)
Now there's lots of striving to do developing your art and ideas!
Cheers and cherries - Ed