Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Ode to Kelly from Chemolpolooza

Today I'm writing about an Internet Super Star, Kelly Kane from Chemopolooza. She has some important tests coming up on Thursday, so I thought today was a good day to say a few mushy things.

Number one is Kelly, hugs, strength and I know you will be fine. I'm going to send you a little something, which isn't much but I will anyway. That is of course if you will email me your address (which you may not want to give up after this post).

I also wanted to say what your friendship has meant to me in this short time.

This last summer I was having a pretty rough time. I was ill and unable to do anything but lay around. I was alone and didn't even have my kids because I couldn't take care of them. I was angry and frustrated beyond comprehension. I wasn't familiar with the Internet but began surfing to try and find someone or something inspiring in relation to dealing with cancer.

All I found was misery. I was nearly out of my mind when I came across Chemopolooza. On this blog was fabulous picture of a woman with a red wig JUST LIKE MINE! This was obviously my kind of person with a name like that, and such a great sense of style.

Through Kelly's blog, I was able to connect with I'mTooYoungForThis.com which had other people who held the same ideas about this crap as me. Through her, I found others with a sense of humour. The name Chemopolooza says it all.

I sheepishly commented on her blog and she checked me out and commented on mine! OMFG! An internet Super Star noticed me! Next thing you know, we were best friends and we did everything together.

I'm the one with the curly hair.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing to encourage me, but she does it daily, even when I'm feeling sucky.

She plays a wicked Wii. She beats me every time.

My favorite times are when we share our deep thoughts. She's amazing, she knows everything.

So, good luck with your tests on Thursday, Kelly. Kick some ass! Then you can have your Chemopolooza! Pour me another one. You make a mean cancertini.


Kelly Kane said...

Reasons we're BFFs!!!!! You had me laughing and crying all rolled into one! You made my day!!!! Thank you thank you!!!! XO

Kelly Kane said...

Awwww I also saw your Etsy post!! You're the bestest!!! XO

PS I don't have your email address, but mine is kelly.kaneATgmaildotcom


Bohemian Chic said...

you crack me up. I love the martini pic...you look like you need a manicure...and your hair looks like Buckwheat...laughter is the best medicine...so I am sure you gave her reason to smile today..yeah you and her

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

Your pictures are hillarious! Stick people are AWESOME!

Veronica said...

My friend - anyone who loves that internet superstar is a friend of mine. From another one of Kelly's MANY fans..........xx

Wishing you all the best.....x