Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Whoa! Website!

I've been a busy bee. I've been spending a lot of time researching, and playing with some tools for building a website. I plan to make a site where young adults with cancer or chronic illness can read stories/articles from some one who is going through it.

There is just such a lack of resources out there which deal with life, living with cancer, and thriving. We don't just shrivel up and roll over with a cancer diagnosis! And we have issues dammit! We want to get on with our lives and be able to laugh at ourselves and everything. We want to look good bald and not have to apologize if we say the word "cancer".

No more pink ribbons! There will be no pink ribbons on my site or hospital bears etc. etc. I will not be falling into any of the language or culture which fits into the mainstream public perception of cancer. I want to deal with it in a real and honest sense. I feel the voices of people actually going through this are drowned out by our corporate need for monetary exploitation. Our illness is marketed to the tune of billions of $$$ and I want people to ask themselves where they are putting their money when they donate to cancer.

I want people to think. I want them to know they are not alone, and that there is life after cancer.

I've also just purchased baldylocks.com and am waiting for it to be transferred to me! I will be the one and only original! Yay! It will continue to be my blog. I guess Baldylocks is here to stay.


Kelly Kane said...

I heard there is some website, thinkbeforeyoupink.org or something like that... you should check that out... and I think I've gotten a few emails from folks working on website similar... I'll find them and send you some links... when I'm not sleepy and loopy :)

Hope you're well!


Skully said...

YAY! I'm so glad baldyLocks is here to stay!

I think your plans a fabulous. I wish you well with all of it. I have a geeky computer savy man that can help you out if you ever need any tech help. He set up my Hyperloop Hoops site for me and is in the process of setting up the Captain Skulduggery Dug one.... if I would only get the content ready for him... hehehe