Thursday, December 27, 2007

Possibly Regrettable Drunk Post

I admit it. I don't drink. I'm too much of a light weight and I just don't see the big woop about it. I can think of 100 things I'd rather do. Well yesterday I decided to have a green apple martini but apparently I was out from having a few freinds over the other day.

Today I've been sitting at home hurting in a big Christmas, alone, zoning on bad TV kind of day. Hey, I don't watch TV either. I can think of 100 things I'd rather do than that. Today Judge Judy and Dr. Phil were my friends.

After vegetablizing for about 12 hours I went and picked up a bottle of Malibu. I also tried to get my favorite sappy Christmas movie, "Love Actually". It was out but the Malibu wasn't.

I tried Kelly's trick of soaking vodka and pineapple but Baldy style.

I also hauled out my "Death Painting". It wasn't previously the "Death Painting" but today it is. The painting is a long story. In my previous life I was working in my studio painting every day. My body knew I was in distress and it came out in my paintings. Now that I look back it's a little creepy, but not.

I began doing paintings of airplanes in war when my grandfather died. It showed silhouettes of parachuters coming out of the planes. They were in a state of limbo, neither here nor there. They were in a state of peace before the impending chaos.

As I kept creating these paintings and getting sicker, they began to take a turn. My last paintings were on a green, ill coloured background. I could see the finished product in my head. The planes were now beginning to fall apart in flight. I finished the background not knowing that I indeed was beginning to die.

When I was thrown into the hospital I was so concerned I wouldn't live to finish them. I haven't been able to paint yet but I guess today the liquid courage gave me a kick in the ass. I didn't feel all my aches and pains. I don't remember dropping the paint brush all over the place.

I did everything I'm not supposed to do. I stayed up late, got paint all over myself and consumed the bad stuff. My poor liver is already under stress.

I moved some stuff in my studio, cranked the music because no one else is here and threw some paint around. Here are the 2 canvas' before.


Don't take these crappy late night pictures as a true representation. There is a lot more that is going on than you can see here.

I wrote in my sketchbook from when I started them, that I was done. Started march 2006, finished boxing day 2007.

Seems I'm a bit of a babbler today.

PS Yesterday my Dad introduced me to someone I hadn't met as his daughter who had Leukemia. This guy had obviously heard of me and said, "Oh, the artist". Thank God for strangers. How embarrassing to be only the Leukemia girl.


Kelly Kane said...

I love the painting! Do what you gotta do my dear! I'm sorry you were feeling crappy, tis the season :)

Oh and drink lots and lots of water today! Your poor liver needs it!

Miss you!


GreenSpaceGoods said...

Well, the paintings came out wonderfully :). That sucks about your Dad. Next time tell him, "you can call me Leukie for short". Sounds like a Japanese anime character. hmm.

Please go hydrate and feel better :)

Bohemian Chic said...

I have seen a drunk you before..funny...and all the boys like the drunk you hehehehe..glad to see your painting...keep it up

BaldyLocks said...

The boys were out. I was alooooone.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, darlin'. The paintings look fantastic. For reals.