Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ninja Surprise

My middle son has been asking me for a while to help him make a plaster ninja mask. I finally dug around my studio supplies and found the roll of plaster strips. I covered everything in plastic and covered their (two sons) faces in vaseline so as not to tear their eyebrows off.

I also wrapped their heads in Saran Wrap to keep the plaster of their hair. It was pretty fun.

They lay flat for about half an hour with the odd water drip rolling into their ears.

They reinforced the masks in another layer of plaster (3 in total) and sanded them down.

Finally they added several layers of paint and then a clearcoat for durability.

The final result was when they "ninja'd" their oldest brother who as a reaction kicked one mask then later punched the other. They used the element of surprise and jumped out from behind things at him to the detriment of the poor ninja masks. He felt pretty bad but then I fixed them.

I'm handy like that.

Top photo: Son #2 was laying too close to me on the couch while we waited for the masks to dry, so I braided his hair.


Bohemian Chic said...

This is soooooooooooo you..looks like fun..and I cracked up thinking about the boys jumping out to scare big brother..glad to see they never change

T.Allen said...

Moments of cool with teens can be few and far between, glad you guys had a blast!

Michelle said...

That is so friggin cool!!! I love the first photo of your son with braided hair! Awesome dude!!

High Desert Diva said...

How fun!

So glad the masks got painted...they were looking a little Freddy Krueger-ish white!

Anonymous said...

So awesome! I love mask-making. Love the silver tears on the black ninja mask. Utterly hilarious that your oldest broke both of them in self-defense.

Hope you are having a lovely summer - looks like it!

Jenney said...

I haven't done that since high school! You've inspired me... I'm going to try this with my oldest kid... she'll love it!

Unknown said...

*not to self: make a plaster mask*

love it.