Friday, May 8, 2009

Double What?!!

I travelled to my oncology appointment yesterday and the friend that went with me dragged me into a bra shop. I'm still wearing the bras I bought during chemo three years ago, so I guess it was about time. My body has changed a lot since then, especially with the prednisone. I've been off it for several months but I'm still carrying around a bunch of weird weight.

After seeing all the pretty things and hearing on some sort of daytime TV show (I know, what a waste of my life) that men hate nude bras, I broke down and entered the change room. The woman who worked there measured me and brought back a few lacy bras. When I saw the boulder holders she tossed in at me I almost said, "I'm sorry, but I think you may have confused me with someone who has boobs."

I was pretty tired from my appointment and didn't want to argue so I just tried them on so she would see what an obvious idiot she had been to think I could fill those out. Then I could entertain myself by mocking her breast measuring ability. To my utter shock...they fit. I stood in the mirror absolutely amazed and a little dumbfounded. I stood there just staring into the reflection trying to take in what I was seeing.

I have breasts. And not the teeny tiny little breasts I used to have. Ones that actually fill a bra.

When she brought me in a couple more "DD's" I was pretty sure I had hit the Twilight Zone or maybe I was on some sort of sick prank show. Although the mirror did say that the bras fit. Apparently they're from Finland where breasts are ity bity or it's a deviously masterminded marketing ploy. I know my body has changed but really! I'm the same weight I was pre cancer, although much softer and squishier. Kind of like a marshmallow.

When I got over the absurdity of the whole scenario, I found a very pretty one and took it home with me. I wonder if when my body gets back to normal if I'll be able to keep them? If not, that's okay, I liked them the way they were.

So, literally, my cup runeth over.


Susan C said...


Gotta' admit I'm jealous. I've gone, post treatment, from flat to flatter. When I had my mammogram a year ago, the doctor, holding current and previous year x-rays, said, "You've lost a lot of weight."

And I said, "Oh, you can tell that from the x-rays?"

I thought I was shrinking, but the x-rays provided the proof.

Caroline said...

Cool bra!

Daria said...

Cute post!

Captain Skulduggery Dug said...

Jon says: Baldylocks is even hotter now! Boobs rock! :oD

Tracey said...

Wahayyyy... Over the shoulder boulder holders rule..

This post really made me laugh a it hit home with me too!

Ed Everest said...

Your secret is out - that's what you really took the prednisone for isn't it!

"I know my body has changed but really! I'm the same weight I was pre cancer, although much softer and squishier. Kind of like a marshmallow" - sounds quite cuddly :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know about such kind of TV-shows from Canada, GB or USA. In Germany, in this Shows almost only sit weirdos. They don't represent average population in this country (I hope so).
But your post reminds me that I have never eaten a marshmallow.
So, I am a kind of marshmallow Virgin. But not for long.
I wonder how it will taste.


Kairol Rosenthal said...

Here's to new knockers!

I used to wear a C and the last time I had a fitting the lady brought out an A for me. I thought she must be wrong - was I back in 6th grade? Nope, levoxyl treatment weight loss all got taken outta my boobs.


Dawn said...

Yay for boobies and pretty bras!

jodie said...

Oh boobs vs bras....the ongoing battle. If men only knew!
Thanks for a good laugh.