Saturday, November 13, 2010


I'm excited to get painting for my two upcoming art shows in March. First thing's first, though. I don't have a studio anymore so I need to carve some space out of my home for somewhere to work. I'm still sick so arranging things when I'm up to it has been a good place to start.

It's expecting too much to work in the house with the very large monkeys (teenage boys) that galavant about. There is always some rogue soccer ball or impromptu wrestling match breaking out in the middle of the floor so I've focused on my bedroom to find space.

I've moved some furniture, collected my brushes and made a space in the light of my window. I also sequestered this little plastic horse from my son's room. It looks much better on my window sill anyway.

I've gone for some short walks in the sunshine and taking note of my surroundings. You never know what will spring a great painting idea from your mind.

My neighborhood has a lot of bits and bobs everywhere you look. I try and look at things with with a curious mind. Rather than graffiti and junk, I see street art.

Some of it intentional, some of it unintentional.

The people in this area take great pride and care of the spaces here and there are little curiosities everywhere you look.

The streets are also like a gallery if you are looking for it. If you don't take care to notice, it will pass you by. There are often portraits, monster characters and other paintings tacked onto the telephone poles. They eventually disappear as they get taken home to live with people.

I always plan to sneak out at night and grab one because I feel weird about snagging it in plain view. Call me silly but this one was the last one I saw so as night folded I slinked past and grabbed it and now it lives with me. There will likely be more soon anyway.

And now with things getting prepared I'm off to be the one creating.


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the horse! It looks like it could be a real horse out in the distance.
I'm following from the Etsy forum. I would love it if you followed back. : )


SleightGirl said...

I love the photo of the couch with the graffitti on it.

Alessandra@ Tribal Times said...

Love that couch picture also!

{Clockwork Lemon} said...

I love that you're finding inspiration in your own neighbourhood.

Love that photo of the spray painted cloud

Jens said...

It's good to see you'll paint again.
For art exhibitions in March?


victoria kloch said...

Great post! I've been following you for some time now. I'm so happy to see you painting!

Kyra said...

this blog entry makes me happy

Crystal Card said...

Fantastic post! Loving all of the little inspirational shots. Monkeys are a great way to describe teenage boys, good luck setting up a great comfortable space to create. :o)

Dawny said...

Great news....something positive and very much YOU to focus on.....go girl :O)