Friday, February 18, 2011

This Should be Naked Day

This should be naked day.

I showered and put on a cute bra and bottoms and I feel done. I'd like to wander downstairs and make myself a cup of tea... even get out the paint brushes and paint the large 3' x 4' painting that is lingering, waiting to be finished. The house is silent and I've been working, driving and running around for weeks getting all the art show stuff done.

Yesterday I framed the pieces that had to travel, packaged them up, drove to get my roaming parents from the airport at 9:30pm, drove them back to their car and sent the box with them. That will save me an extra day traveling the island. Then I came home and chatted with the middle son about his future. At 1:15am I received the call to go pick up my 15 year old who was at a special midnight birthday skate. I did all this with a mind bending headache. It felt like someone and put a nail through my skull.

I got to bed by 3:00am. Usually that amount of activity would cripple me the next day. And I suppose I am.... I just don't want to get dressed.

I deserve a naked day.

Unfortunately my sons could pop home at any moment and they really hate mom's naked days.