Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blog Tag

I've been been tagged in a rip roaring game of Blog Tag. Now I have to list 6 unusual things about myself. Hmmmm. Where shall I start?

1. A friend of mine and I have dubbed ourselves "Pinky and the Brain" as we plot to take over the world.

2. I graduated from university with blue hair.

3. I have two birthdays a year. When you get a bone marrow transplant, that day is considered your other birthday. I've had my 1st birthday now and soon I'll get to turn 35!

4. My kids. This particular moment is known as "Beaver Attack". You've got to be careful up here in Canada.

5. I'm a CSI episode waiting to happen. After my transplant, I no longer produce my own blood, I have my brothers. I could go on a killing spree and they would trace my DNA back to my brother! It's a nice little back up know. Just in case.

6. I'm So clueless on how to post links etc. on this blog or or on how to post comments on others. I'll have to go figure it out so I can tag other blogs! Ok. I'm a bit of an internet nitwit.

I'll figure it out and update this post.


Bohemian Chic said...

Okay I love the CSI much fun could we have with that..all the dead beat dates we went on...poof..just a bad memory. That will teach them drone on and on about themselves

fernfiddlehead said...

Thanks for taking up the game of tag. I had such a hard time linking to everyone's pages but you can do it. Maybe your kids can help you.

stilettoheights said...

the csi one was great.

you have a wonderful attitude.

Kelly Kane said...

If you want help with setting up links and stuff, lemme know, I'm happy to help :)

Kelly Kane said...

You need to talk more about your kids... us folks that don't know you in real life, don't know enough and we want to!

Anonymous said...

hmm. luv this post..