Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What's wrong with your face?

"What's wrong with your face?" So, this a real comment made to me the other day. The medications I'm on make me puffy and give my face an oddly round look.

This is a person who knows me, what I've been through etc. I suppose with my pufferfish look and lack of sleep (also due to meds) my eyes may have been black, turning my head into some balloon style freak show.

I love posting pictures from before my transplant but I won't even take any of myself now. Damned vanity.

So here is a picture from 2 yrs ago!

Now I feel better.


Nora said...

I just found your blog and read through it. I just love your writing voice and your humor through what must be a very difficult time. And by the way I LOVE your baldylocks picture!

Green mama said...

Hey, I posted on etsy about my boyfriend having a bone marow transplant recently and super heavy chemo. He is going through the same situation as you, although I have to think that it is probably a little tougher to be a girl and to lose your hair. You have been through a lot and you look beautiful!