Friday, September 21, 2007

Off to the Oncologist

Unfortunately, where I live, they do not treat Leukemia. Therefore, I spent six months full time and three more months half time travelling back and forth for treatment. A year and a half later from when it all started I now go back about once a month for an assessment. They do my bloodwork every two weeks. Fun stuff. Yesterday I spent the day in Vancouver.

I try to make the most of my traveling day so it's not all about Dr.s appoinments. I chose to play with my camera as the day was moody. This is a shot off the ferry of a ferry.

This is the Granville Island Market, candy shop. MMmmm...candy!

This is the hospital that I lived in for 9 weeks without being able to go outside. I was at the top on the 15th floor. I almost break out into a sweat just looking at this building now.

I was brave and visited the 15th floor this time. I was able to visit and photograph my tile that I made "in house". Notice the angry spider amidst the lovey quotes and happy tiles. I ended up painting the green apple just to be a conformist.

Here I am at the unit. I didn't leave these doors for months. I was almost afraid if I went back, they wouldn't let me out again. Fear is a strange thing.

I no longer feel the same or look the same. I, in fact, am not the same, right down to my DNA. One thing I am, though, is alive.

I know I will find myself again. I have to.

Everything always looks sweeter on the way home.


Anonymous said...

I love how you put it all. I can't imagine such an intense experience and you have retold it with simplicity and forthrightness. Thank you for sharing!

femputer said...

your blog is really amazing and inspiring. my uncle is also on the 15th floor so your photo there looked a bit familiar. thanks for all that you share!