Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Accosted by My Home Support Worker

I am sitting in my room crying. This blog business is so immediate. I can be crying now and post it. I have some home support to come and clean a little as well as cook some meals. My social worker and nurse have been encouraging me to have groceries and meal ideas for the worker to come and make meals for the week.

My nurse came for a home visit and then the home support worker showed up for the meal prep. I had stuff ready for a big soup and shake and bake chicken. She has two hours. Well, she went off on me about all the pressure I am putting her under. Two hours to make a soup and put chicken in the oven? I've made that soup many times and it's never taken me so long.

Usually I only have about half an hours work for her and she dawdles around killing time. She gets paid for it. She makes out like she has been slave driving and barely made it through. My nurse is fantastic and has jumped in to help mediate and peel potatoes. I can't believe I'm such a mess right now. It's difficult enough to get through the day.

I can hear her bitching to the nurse in my kitchen.

I never would have let this happen before. Being needy SUCKS TO FUCKING HIGH HELL. I am a do it yourselfer and have never needed or asked for help before. I feel like I'm in a hole. I never asked for this.

A friend of mine is coming to save my emotional needy fucking ass.


Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I'm sorry.

My mom was sick enough years ago that she needed a stay at home nurse to care for her.

She did a horrible job and slept with my father to boot.

If this person is treating you poorly it reflects on them and not you. Can you find somebody else?

JennyBunnyEtsy said...

You are not needy.... You are sick!

Excuse my french in a moment...
The bitch deserves to get hit upside the fucking head...

dame jame. said...

You are not needy.

You are brave and strong and I'm sorry you had to deal with someone who is not at all brave, strong, or supportive coming into your home and believing they can treat you like that.

Chin up, babe. I'm pulling for you.

kittyd said...

I'm sorry this person caused you so much stress. I certainly hope she will not be back in your home. I went back and read your entire blog, and enjoyed it very much. Your style of writing is wonderful. When you're finished with those magnets, maybe you should write a book! (((hugs)))

Elizabeth Staley said...

Oh my god, I can't believe the nerve of this person! Is there someone you can report them to? I make soup all the time, and it's never taken me two hours to make any type of soup, ever.

I'm sorry that she upset you. :(

Kelly Kane said...

Ugh!!!! I'm so glad one of your friends is coming over to cheer you up. I would definitely complain, in fact, if you want, I will call and do the complaining for you!!!! That is absolutely rude and inappropriate to make someone feel bad when they're getting paid!!! You just say the word and email me the phone number and I'll get you someone else!!!

I hope you're feeling better by now, I'm not sure how long ago you posted, but I'm here if ya need me.... you can find my email on my blog :)


Your November BFF,

Anonymous said...

I'm in disbelief. Who does that?! (Her, apparently.) I'm sorry you had to go through that. Sick is sick. Help should be help. And, well, forgive my language, but bitches who misdirect their own problems onto entirely undeserving patients who are trying to heal in peace are consigned to one of the bitterest circles of hell. Ahem. I'm glad you had a friend come over. Feel better!

Kelly Kane said...

One funny thing I should know, since we're best friends and all, what's your first name? haha