Saturday, October 20, 2007

Celebrity Hair Envy

Ok, yes, if you have long flowing locks I am secretly coveting your hair. If you can feel the wind blowing through your hair and even brush it in the morning, then watch out. I have my eye on you.

I visited my best online friend, Kelly from Chemopolooza, yesterday to find a gorgeous pic of her with her newly coloured hair. She can even tie it back! We have made a pact that by June we will have long flowing tresses just like Charlie's Angels.

That's us, we are the pretty two. (Ha ha!) We obviously need a third now. We're currently taking in applications.

I also have a theory and a plea. This goes out to all the rich, random celebrities out there (you know who you are) . These people blatantly prance around with their full heads of hair mocking those of us who are, scalp challenged. They have plenty of money and they get hair extensions all the time. Look a Britney for instance. She shaved her head (Yay Britney! Welcome to my world) and then was able to get hair extensions with nothing more than a 5 o'clock shadow.

Whoever her hair dresser was, she was good. Maybe they just glued the hair to her head. Anyway, I digress.

So to all you stupidly rich famous people, do a little good in this world. Donate your money to some poor underprivileged, previously chemo'd, short haired person.

I want to look like you.


Kelly Kane said...

Awwww... you're so cute, bff! Let's have crazy Farah flips too!!!

As for the hair... a few ideas..

Write to Oprah?? Or any other television superstar that might actually do it (Hey there's a chance!) and of course, I'll come with you!

A wig? A lot of organizations provide them free... I know it's not as glamorous as extensions though...

Or rob a hair salon!!! ha ha

And PS, if you look at Britney's hair, half the time it's SUPER terrible, so don't covet it too much, because although she may be able to brush it, she usually doesn't! :)


Skully said...

How about I make you a bandanna with felted dreads to wear... will that do you for now? If nothing else it will be warm for the winter :) You can choose whatever colour you like!