Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fuck Cancer, Shop Opening

Yay! I've just opened my PharmaCandy store on Etsy.com. Check out all the angry at cancery goodness. I only have a few things listed at this point but more will be coming on a daily basis.

I've done a lot of looking over the internet trying to find things which express our anger and grief. Well, I was trying to express MY anger and grief. I couldn't find what I was looking for. I began plotting (which is my FAVORITE thing to do) a website after buying the domain name, pissedoffatcancer.com, in a blind moment of feel'n sorry for myself, fury.

This is a photo of me, plotting.

Through everything I have found humour. It's out there. You can laugh at your chemotherapy, bald head, through your nausea etc. etc. It's helped me a lot. My website (when built) will be a place for getting it all out. Our souls are just as important as our bodies and having cancer does not mean we have achieved some angelic like temperament. We are still human and feel happiness, sadness, loss and grief. We also feel outrageous fuck all anger from time to time. Trust me, I'm not an angry person.

Anger is not a character flaw!

My magnets are pretty tame right now....but more are coming.....


Bohemian Chic said...

Hey babe, it looks great and you really do love to plot. Take my word for it folks...this girl is the definition of calm and she was hardly ever angry...except when our boys did something half witted and assinine and then it was more she kept me from getting angry..

AdobeSol said...

You hang in there sweetie! I like the way you are lettin' it all out here. Journaling is really such a wonderful outlet. Now, let me go see what's in your shop... BTW.. consider adding some "Cancer Survivor" stuff.


MadeByAmanda said...

Links: when you are on the page where you write the blog, there is a little symbol of a chain link. Highlight the word you want to link, and a little window pops up for you to enter the http:// address into. Cut and paste it in, push enter, and it should be linked.

BaldyLocks said...

Thanks, I've had a few people suggest that to me. Unfortunately the link symbol doesn't seem to be on there. Not sure why?

I'll keep looking but at this point I think something is missing.

BaldyLocks said...

I figured it out!!!! Now I can link away!

I had to switch from Safari to Firefox. Even my gmail is working better.

Hyla said...

I enjoyed reading your blog!
Check out mine!