Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Birthday, Thanksgiving, South Park Hangover

So, I've been trying to recover from a fabulous birthday and a great double thanksgiving. I've done a little sleeping and a lot of mucking around the Esty forums. Basically I haven't been feeling well enough to do anything but waste time.

I found a great time waster on a South Park people building site. I don't even like South Park but I know I spent well over an hour on there. Unfortunately for you I'm going to share.

The bald pic is what I looked like last year.

The next one is what I look like now with my new curly hair! Yeah, I'm not quite together.

This is me today....

but I'm sure this is what I'll look like next week.

But in the meantime I'm going to rest, rest, rest until I feel better. Then watch out world, I'm going to kick some arse.

Glad I could throw some intelligent conversation out there. There are issues in the world, y'know...


Kelly Kane said...

Dearest BFF,

So glad you found some entertainment! I actually love that Etsy site you shared with me, it's also a great time waster!!!! I'm going to buy some photography on it at some point. Or maybe some other random goodies. I'm really glad you shared it with me.


Bohemian Chic said...

Personally I love the bloodshot one...and yes your sense of style is for the princess Leia one...well now your just getting me hot..hehhee

stilettoheights said...

you are so inspirational, you realize that right? you're like a rock star!