Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My New Career

I worry about my future. At 20 I had such grand dreams of going to school, buying a house and having a high powered career. I was just finishing my degree at 32 when I was hospitalized. I was half way through applying for my MBA. Things were looking good until the whole cancer inconvenience.

Fast forward to a year and a half later.

My physical and mental abilities due to treatment are low but improving. I get very scared when I am unable to get out of bed for days. WHY WON'T MY BODY MOVE?

So that leaves me doing things such as plotting relentlessly on what I'll do to improve my situation.

So let's review my skills and abilities. Previously I decided I had all the qualifications to be a paperweight. I think recently I've moved beyond that and am now contemplating on some of my new skills.

Other than laying around plotting, I realized I spend a lot of time dealing with my medications. This is a photo of a days worth of meds.

Some of the meds I have to cut in half to get the correct dosage. That's when it occurred to me...

....I could be a crack dealer.

I'm somewhat excited at the prospect of my new career. I'm sure it pays a lot more than being a paperweight.


Duane said...

Hilarious :) I love your wit and the photos!!

Cathy said...

you had me laughing too! very creative :)

Unknown said...

Hi. I just joined i[2]y and found your blog on their list. I can totally relate to some of your feelings in this post. Take care and good luck in your new career! ;)

Bohemian Chic said...

Love your little crack den...and only you would see this light at the end of the tunnel

One Mother with Cancer said...

I remember those days, It get's better... Eventually!!!

Wullie said...

I want that photo of the pills on a T-Shirt!
That is one fine cocktail of narcotics.