Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This Post Makes Me Look Productive

So, I may not be spending exactly 2 hours a day in my studio but I have been in there. My stupid drunk night turned out to be not so bad because it broke the ice with my studio. I'm not so afraid of going in there anymore.

I finished the painting for my mom's new house. She wanted red and pears.

This painting is quite large at 3'x4'. I'm not sure what it is in metric and I'm too freak'n tired to go check.

I haven't been mobile since my Vancouver trip. They said, "You should start feeling better soon," but I guess they didn't mean today.

I also jumped when MagicJelly suggested on Etsy that we do a collage a day group. It's been 4 days and I've made 2 things. I might get another one done today if my legs will drag me downstairs.

These are postcard size with rounded corners. The corners show up as white here because of the background behind the paintings.


Kelly Kane said...

love all of them!!! look at you, kickin' ass art style!!


SkyNymph said...

Namaste' as a fellow artist, I love to admire others styles and works. Not many can make *red* work, but you have with the right format and color, I like it! Love the colo of that wig in the pic too, tres cool! Interesting I find my work reflects how I am feeling color wise, when my own disease (not leukemia and to which I rarely talk about anywhere) is hitting me, I embrace it and allow it it's own space and time to also be a creative force,(I refuse to allow it to become me!) that is when I am not in bed sleeping off pain killers. ;0) I have another surgery coming up in feb. luckily I dont have to have chemo like you have just surgery every 5 years, and managing through various methods in between. My disease does not show on me physically when it hits I hide from the world for 7 days every month, and noone knows any different. Funny I have known some people in my life for over ten years and they still don't know I have this and the journeys it has brought me on. Thank you for the opportunity to witness another persons journey and experiences,and life. We never know what may be around the corne for us and I believe in reaching out to all corners of the universe so I am aware. Metta.


threemuses said...

Love the painting! I might have to join in on this collage deal. :-)

Wullie said...

I don't "do" art as I don't understand it (I am but a simple man :-) ) but I'm in love with the "red and pears" work.

If your mum decides she doesn't like it.... !