Thursday, February 21, 2008

Photopolooza -Day 100,000,006

These photos were from a week before my diagnosis. I had work up in several places but here I was working on some photo documentation.

Art, not medical procedures was the focus of my life that year.

I had some fun projects, like this one, which were just to blow off steam.

My studio was huge and never ending. It was my place of solace. I grew into my larger space and I began building huge canvas'. I began doing very small and very large work simultaneously.

There was a rhythm to my life and it was coming out on my canvas. I would work on several at one time, just adding layers of paint. Hot fiery abstract skyscapes began forming as well as cool dark ones. Within those canvas, I built a sense of limbo and impending danger and chaos.


My sense of intuition was creeping it's way into my work. As I became more ill, my paintings changed, and without my knowing, reflected my health. The last painting I was working on showed the planes of my previous paintings, breaking up and falling from a green, ill coloured sky.

I always wonder now about other peoples sense of intuition. My studio was within a larger space and shared with two young women.

One of the women wasn't there a whole lot and began building large papier mache blob like sculptures. I couldn't figure out what it was supposed to be about. Months later, in hospital, I received my graduation catalog. When I looked through it, I found her card and description of her year long project. Her paper sculptures were cancer.

From her write up, "The specific concept I am fascinated by is mutated growth, which although alive, will eventually terminate both itself and the host it relies on."

I give her an F.


Sam @ The Ellison Family Expansion Plan said...

wow, that's really interesting how your art had changed. And interesting the other woman's view of cancer, though by her comments I'm willing to doubt that she's ever had anyone close to her have cancer.

High Desert Diva said...

(agreeing with Onoma)
or, if she did, they all died, leaving her bitter & resentful

from your comment on my blog:
"wandering the streets looking for more art supplies"

That got me laughin'!

Much clearer idea of your art with these last photos...big pictures for my poor eyesight...hooray!

Do I see space ships?

BaldyLocks said...

They are actually airplanes but that is much clearer with the entire view of the painting. It's 3'x7'. That's a lot of painting. I just happened to have this photo of the detail on hand.I do like the fact that they could be space ships!

I'm pretty sure you're right about her not knowing anybody with cancer. Her write up was pretty bleak for the sake of being dramatic.

Unknown said...

that was beautiful. really. cant say anything else. lovely.. well that :)

Cathy said...

very interesting...

and i thought they were airplanes! very proud of myself for knowing that! lol

T.Allen said...

very interesting, well-written read. it is amazing how an intrinsic sense of good, bad, etc. can manifest itself in so many ways. i've heard it in music, read it in my musings, and now your art...

jewelstreet said...

That studio space is huge. It is so interesting how our personal lives reflect on our art in so many ways.

I would've given her an F as well.