Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm sick of photos of myself so I'm throwing in a few pages from my portfolio.

Sad story. I went out and bought a remote for my camera which isn't even here. I miss my camera!

I'm excited about tomorrows post. I have dug up some great photos. They are a little bitter sweet but I think they will give me the motivation I need to get painting.


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High Desert Diva said...

The UFO shot brought a smile...

Your mixed media work looks interesting....but I am getting blind in my old age, and I couldn't blow up the pic big enough to see it properly. Sad, but true.

Just noticed your ferret blurb on the left side bar. We live on Ferret Road...which is funny because the street sign on one end is spelled Ferrett (which is how all our mail is addressed even though I'm continually correcting the spelling) and on the other end of the street, the sign has the proper spelling: Ferret.