Sunday, February 17, 2008

Super Freak -Photopalooza Day #?

My friends have always told me I was crazy. They thought I was a germ freak because I don't touch doorhandles with my bare hands etc. When I did janitorial at a young age I realized that thousands of hands touch those mall doorhandles every day. Later on in university I was getting sick a lot because everyone brought their germs to school.

I read on article on hand washing and how germs are actually spread, and WHAMMO, I was armed with knowledge! I got sick very little in those years. Today I don't know if that knowledge saved my life or delayed my diagnosis because I didn't catch most germs going around.

My habits turned out helpful, because when I had chemo, they didn't need to teach me how to protect myself, I already did it by instinct. Now to add to that, I also have a huge list of types of food I can't eat and places I can't eat at. I'm not allowed to have soft serve ice cream, fake crab or anything from a street vendor. I don't touch things behind deli glass or that are made with mayo.

A couple of days ago I bought a spinach dip from my local high end grocery store. Yeesh. What a mistake. I was very ill for the last couple of days. At least now I can get validation from my friends who think I'm a crazy, germaphobe.

I'm on the mend now and I feel alright today. My poor body.

Speaking of crazy, bodies and all that, I thought I would post photos of my stem cell donor. I call him Donor Dave.

My brother, who is a little bit of a goof ball, saved my life. His cells are my cells and I have his DNA. Hello crime spree!

He may look like a man of no fears here wearing my wigs, but he in fact is terrified of needles and hospital procedures.

He went ahead anyway and spent a week donating his precious little cells for me!

The chances of finding a donor match among your siblings is %25, and with him being my only sibling, it was nerve wracking waiting to find out. Something deep inside me told me he would be a match. Since then I have seen large families find out there were no matches for them. One was a friend of mine, Connie.

At my Graduation party, before my bone marrow transplant, I gave him this shirt and the funky crown. Three cheers for donor Dave!

I kid and I call him my spare parts guy...he has two perfectly good kidneys.

I guess I come by the crazy, honestly.


High Desert Diva said...

I'm lovin' Donor Dave!

all of those wigs!

jewelstreet said...

You too look so cute together! I love his expression wearing the wigs, and the wigs are absolutely fabulous.

Kelly Kane said...

I love the pictures :)

Bohemian Chic said...

Wait till Daves daughter is old enough to appreciate these photos..she will be so embarassed.."Oh Dad" the wigs Dave..and knowing you, your thinking of how you can make money off Daves good kidneys..plot, scheme, plot..and inform him later..oh he won't mind..thats what brothers are for. *¿*

Anonymous said...

I love these. Love the pictures. Love that your brother was a match. Love the fabulous wigs!!! Makes me happy and all fuzzy because I know my brother would do the same, and I for him... sniffle. Can't wait to see more of your photopalooza!

Allison said...

Love that story (& those, are just lovely).

Sam @ The Ellison Family Expansion Plan said...

Donor Dave and your brother look incredible in your wigs. hehe

rtisan said...

Those wigs pics of you and donor dave are priceless. he is my new hero!