Thursday, March 6, 2008

Exercise for Dummies -a picture story

So here is how it goes. Your camera just came back all shiny and new and you feel a bit peppy so you haul yourself out of bed to go and try it out.

First of all you head to a nearby cove and trek 3 flights of stairs down the to the beach.

Where you see some really cool roots and crawl around taking photos.

Get hissed at by one of the incredible wonders of nature.

And haul your ass back up the stairs with your bed ridden, atrophied leg muscles.

The next day you drive up to the top of a nearby mountain.

Begin to experiment with your new camera remote.

Remembering to go back and forth, back and forth to adjust the camera angle and see how it's turning out.

Next get really excited about being out in the fresh air and decide to keep going, up to the peak.

Go up some more stairs.

Then some more.

And some more.

Set your camera up at the top.

Be sure to continue setting up your camera and running back and forth and back and forth to see how the pictures are turning out. When you get sick of your boring photos start throwing yourself off the lookout to see if you can get the timing right to get a shot of you in mid air.

Don't be surprised when you can't move at all the next day or the day after. What do you really expect after spending the last 2 years in bed? And don't worry, everyone who reads your blog will be sure that you lead an exciting, active life.

Feeling like crap is all part of the master plan.


lavinia hanachiuc said...

I'm sure somebody will perform a search for an "insanely complicated blogpost that takes you all day to distract you from ... " on google or if not, on etsy :).
Your place is gorgeus.
I remember my "what was I thinking ?"days from the time I used to hike. Almost like a hangover.

Cathy said...

great post! and loved the photos - particularly the one of you throwing yourself off the lookout! lol

Shannon said...

Excellent photos. It sounds like you went to some great, if taxing, locations. :)

Tragicomedy said...

That was bitchin'! Hope your legs aren't too mad at you.


Jared May said...

Love the root photograph. Hope your legs feel better soon. :)

Curly Girl Glass said...

Sorry all that fun and fresh air made you feel like crap. I think it was probably worth it, right? Better than just staying in bed and not getting out and about? Rest up for the next adventure!

ReBuildingYou (and me) said...

Worth every single minute of freedom, I'd say! Agree?

Even 20 years later I still do exactly the same thing... you'd think at some point I'd have learned... But that would be boring! And I'd hate to get boring?

Beautiful pics and great post. xxxx

Duane said...

Yeah, crap is part of the master plan unfortunately. What a great post!!!

Duane said...

Keep pressing on!! :)

LoveMeKnot Creations said...

hehe i like picture stories!!
great photo of you 'falling'....

Bohemian Chic said...

brilliant as it

trinlayk said...

hahahaha! Oh I'd do exactly the same thing...

(I have Chronic Fatigue and Fibro...)
Went to the Museum last week with friends took photos and videos, and haven't posted them anywhere yet.